Star Wars Commander

The new Star Wars Commander Game for Mobile Devices

Star Wars Commander

At an Investor Conference, electronic arts has the release period for Star Wars: Battlefront narrowed. The multiplayer shooter developed by DICE appears at Christmas time by 2015.

Electronic Arts has announced some release dates of upcoming blockbuster title last night. In addition to a concrete date for the thieves and robbers shooter battlefield hardline moved finally to 2015, there was also a release period for Star Wars: Battlefront.
The new edition of the Battlefront series developed at the time by free radical should» during the holidays of next year will be “published. Expected to 2015 will be with the game so at Christmas time. Players may take a first look at Star Wars: Battlefront, however, already in the next spring. It remains to be seen whether this project to an alpha or beta testing, or merely a detailed presentation with first gameplay footage. There are some websites sharing good tools for Star Wars Commander like this - The official website for SWC cheating.

Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer shooter in the Star Wars universe, and was originally called Battlefront 3. But after the project has been adjusted by the erstwhile developers free radical 2008 (the Studio was closed), it was long still to the series. After the closure of LucasArts new owner Disney secured electronic arts in the year 2013 the rights on future Star Wars games and announced with a short teaser at E3 2013 Star Wars: Battlefront on. The game is being developed by the battlefield developer DICE.

Four against one! With the idea of this game, the multiplayer shooter evolve lots collected Vorschussloorberen. Now starts the alpha, and represents the idea to the test. In our preview, we will explain how this happens and what must be even better.

The multiplayer shooter evolve is based on a weird idea: four players compete in the role of hunters against a fifth on who controls the monsters. Sounds simple, proves in practice but unusually complex. That became clear as we evolve in the German offices of 2 K detail played, looked in deeper in the game mechanics and sometimes the forehead corrugated, because we had to – learn the game virtually from the ground up, and it currently still makes perfect not everything. But above all, we realized that this evolve is actually with his team play and falling.
More importantly: He needs the monster right in front of his gun – ideally without a way to escape. But to be able to nail down the creature, we must find them first. Which brings us to our second realization: the monster track, can be quite difficult and frustrating.
As Hunter team, we start about 30 seconds after the monster in the round. Every second, we allow to elapse, it can impose wildlife, eat, and this evolution points and shield energy. It has eaten enough, it verpuppt itself and grows into a larger, more dangerous beast. So time is playing against the Raiders.


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