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It is a long and arduous way from the absolute beginner to the experienced League of legends tactician. So frustration is not rampant, we give important tips, tricks, and tactics you in this guide to League of legends on the way. Even if you lose very many games straight at the start, you should let not discourage you, because as we all know, practice makes perfect. League of legends is an action role-playing game that was inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod defense of the ancients. Two teams, consisting of three or five players to compete against each other and seek to destroy the enemy main building – called nexus-. Computerized vassals to the side, which appear at regular intervals on the own nexus and become independent on the way to break down the enemy Tower positions are available to each team.

Each player in League of legends here take on the role of a Champions available from currently 60 and tries to defend the own Tower positions as well as to put the opponent’s towers in rubble and ashes. Opposing minion or enemy champions get to turn off the player experience points and gold. Experience paves the way to the 18th stage in each match. The game is over, your character in the next game starts again from the beginning. With each level, players strengthen their skills. Won gold you buy items that grant, for example, bonuses to vitality, attack strength, or Mana supply in the own base. In the first part of our guide to League of legends, we tell you what have to basically watch her. An update to the guide with tips on individual cards, runes and items coming soon.


After you you have queued in the queue for a normal game, it ends up within a few minutes in the dodging. You have only just started the game, you are only ten of these heroes. Every week the free playable characters change so that you all can test and get to know. So that a champion is permanently at the disposal, you need to buy it in the shop. At the beginning you decide you best for a remote battle character so that you can somewhat further back are available and thus gefahrloser intervene in the fight. The selection is located at each champion right at the bottom of the character a small slip of paper. You clicked an information window opens with a rating, how difficult or easy is a champion to play. In addition, you will receive an overview of its capabilities, as well as some tweaks for dealing with it. Bear in mind that you will have time only 90 seconds to choose. If you want to study the skills in peace, your also in the champion overview in your profi le can do. The free playable in the current week stretch are marked with an exclamation point.


In addition to the four basic skills of your champions are 13 Summoner spells available, by which it selects two for each game. At level 1, you can access back only on four of these “bonus”skills: healing, teleportation, revive and shatter. Up to level 12 you unlock the other spells progressively. For the first games magic offered as Beschwörer-healing and teleporting. Healing nursing you and all allies in your vicinity. With the teleport spell Teleports you you to one your towers or to your NPC vassals on the battlefield. At level 6 is clarity to which you restore a portion of your Mana every three minutes.


Once all members of both teams have chosen their heroes, the game starts and your fi nd you a short time later on the so-called field of Justice again. You control your character by right clicking with the mouse. By default, your deploys skills with the keys Q, W, E and R while you take your enemies with the left mouse button in the visor. With the D and F buttons you use your Summoner spells that you have previously chosen you in selecting a champion. Always your life running out must go or replenish your Mana, it Teleports you with the B button back in your base. Seek ye for this always a safe place, because the ability required 3 seconds cast time. With the numbers 1 to 6, you can use items from your inventory. Drag-and-drop her the utensils arranges to enable you, for example, your healing potions with the button 1. Into the fray, you will need to search then not long after the valuable potions. Keep the minimap in the eye be sure to monitor the gameplay and the positions of enemy heroes. With the space bar it returns with the camera at any time your champion.



At the beginning of the match, the players of a team on the three existing “lanes” divided. Lane is the name for the main leading to the enemy base. Usually two heroes take the upper path, two lower and one in the middle. Avoid it as a beginner, take the middle lane and they leave another experienced player. The middle way is vulnerable from two sides, here you are fast becoming easy prey for enemy ambushes. Instead join a teammate and selects the top or the bottom lane. Experienced players are now trying to play to a suitable moment to watch off to kill both opponents as aggressively as possible on their lane. Keep this but only in mind – especially in the first games you should behave you very defensively. Basically, it is important to remain as a death blow to achieve in life.

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