How to Play Fifa Ultimate Team 2013

Fifa Ultimate Team 2013 Guide

The best maps are expensive, it is indisputable. Money is the most important goal for a player of was. Being rich means buy better players and therefore be more comfortable on the field, and thus earn more money. The circle is virtuous, and once it turns out well, the fun game is optimum. Here are therefore some tips to earn money easily.

Make matches and tournaments.

This is the basic principle but should be followed when even a few rules. The counting of credits is done according to several criteria to be taken into account. Even if you lose you can earn quite a lot of credits. To a maximum of gain late in the game, you must:

Scoring goals (there is agreement on it, but don’t worry, you will also learn real tips in this tutorial).

Keep the ball with a possession late in the game to more than 50%.
Not to take aim. It may seem normal, but do not forget it! Lead 7-0 and take two goals late in the game because it the con: the number of credits won will decrease.

Not if possible, it is penalizing

Do not make “ragequit” (wildly quit the game) or “forfeit” because there is a presence modifier that advantage or punished the player on this point here. Do not leave during the games and this modifier will increase gradually up to 1.25. On the other hand if you leave, it will be reduced. In short you can well imagine that having the game end credits multiplied by 1.25, it is more interesting that by 1 or less (to verify, I never had less than 1 modifier).

In addition, earn you credits even if you lose, and you can always try to score a few goals and thus to swell the final score. In short you have nothing to gain if you quit a match in progress, in addition to the fact that it is very unpleasant for the person in front to see the other do a ragequit after five minutes. I do not even talk about the fact that you lose a player contract (11 in total, or about 300 credits), a coach, the morale and the form (we shall return in another tutorial but it plays for the suite). To summarize: “ragequit” or “forfeit” is prohibited!

Bargains are particularly in week, and hours more hollow kind night or morning. Obviously there are fewer cards but less than guys who search also.

Conversely, it is better to sell the evening, or even better: the weekend. More busy thus prices go up easily. With the new Fifa 15 there will be many players looking for a real free coin generator but i guess that won’t be that easy to find.

Some cheap cards will sell quite well. I am thinking the cards ‘change of position’ of players. For example, it is quite easy to buy a card MOC > AT the 150-200 credits and resell the 800 or 900 (or even more). The margin is low, but on some maps can easily earn 1500 credits, but it is more unusual to do a good business with the purchase of those above.

That said, please be patient and do not throw in the towel if they don’t leave immediately, and return them for sale as long as it is not party! A reduction in price may be considered if really it does not sell, but it’s the feeling after. Need to find a compromise and not sell anything at any price.
This also works for some bronze or silver players who are some wrongly. We think not necessarily but there is not a lot of people who play with bronze or silver teams (for the tournament), and some of these players will sell well. Look at their features in ‘speed’ if the wingers, scorers, ‘past’ for media and ‘defence’ and ‘head’ for the defenders ‘fire’ and ‘head’ If.

I magnified the stroke but with good statistics in the right places, it sells very well and quite expensive!

In the same way, it is possible in looking for property to buy low-priced cards quite rare to sell thousands of credits over. I am thinking the cards ‘change of formation’ 4-4-2 that you can buy 5000 credits (with a lot of luck!) and resell them at more than 7,000. Is one example among many others, it also works with the players to 200,000 credits eh, but this isn’t really the same budget!
As a buyer you should not hesitate to negotiate (option commercial offer) with the seller in making him an offer.

It should not be abused in any way your offer will be refused if it is too low, but to think that the seller necessarily loses 5% of the amount of his sale if it is normally done, and 2% if he accepts an offer of negotiation. For example, a seller has any interest to accept a commercial offer to 98 000 rather than normally selling 100 000. On large transactions, it is widely used.

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