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 HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft Review 




Blizzard has free-to-play game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft announced. It is a strategic card game in which players with World of Warcraft characters can play.
The game is being developed by a fifth team within Blizzard, which is smaller in size. That announced the studio during a panel at PAX East. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft coming to iPad, Mac and PC and is scheduled for this year. The beta coming this summer.

The game should be there in image not necessarily look like a card game, because this is not according to Blizzard always nice to look at. So is the game board animated and move the cards around the screen when players such as attacks. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft contains more than 300 cards. A pack contains five cards and can be earned in the game itself, or is for sale via microtransactions. The maps vary in rarity.
The famous game developer Blizzard that many pc players all got addicted to World of Warcraft, the Diablo series and Starcraft, comes not with one of those games on the iPad or iPhone. Though Blizzard has a totally new game announced for Apple’s tablet. The game later this year to appear according to the developer: Heroes of Warcraft Hearthstone is a game where anyone can step in, even and perhaps especially if you have never played another game from the developer. Check the best ways to get free gold on Hearthstone at http://hearthstoneguide.org/ with the new and improved Strategy Guide.

Hearthstone is a game that the layout itself well lets compare the card game Magic the Gathering, that the news reached in the 1990s because of the huge popularity among young people. Also in Hearthstone imagine a deck – a pile – together from all sorts of imaginative monsters, units and promotions. That player that first the opponent with his cards as fatal damage, wins the game. But any attack on that count also has a defensive technique. So you can not only win a game with your deck, but also with the tactics with which your cards bet. And a bit of luck: you attract namely cards from a pile and can only hope you the desired early card draws.

At least that’s the principle of Magic the Gathering. In the images of the game show seems Hearthstone there very much, and Blizzard is not that they also fan of the card game. The developer does have devised a different approach: in this case, your deck built to one hero from the Warcraft universe. Which is equipped with a set of followers, spells and weapons based on strategy and cards you can bet. To really put a deck to your own, you can win cards and who develop into new, better cards. The revenue model is in buying new cards sets. If the game comes on the market, there will be over a hundred cards are.

You can readily against a simple or difficult computer games, with your own deck play a game against an online opponent or you can choose the Forge mode: a game type in which you compose a deck on the spot and with it challenges an online opponent. The game already looks fantastic finished off, is shown in the first video report that Blizzard has released about the game itself. It is not yet known when it comes out and for what price. Because the business model in buying additional card sets, can Hearthstone ever free download later this year if he plays for the iPad, Mac and pc.

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