Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

A new Call of Duty is Coming – Advanced Warfare is the beginning of a new era

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Should the campaign of the shooter call of duty: Advanced warfare more than at the last parts of the series. Now a player but even before release got a version into the hands and asserts that the game is played out in five hours.

The campaign of call of duty: Advanced warfare will offer only five hours playing time – that reported a user of the CoD Forum fansite, which has already received the game before its official release in the finger.

Although the source for the thesis is anything but legitimate, which underpinned user however with a screenshot of the end credits–played through the player has the shooter so in any case, no matter how long it took for that.

A month ago, the founder of the Developer Studio sledgehammer, Glen Schofield, said that advanced warfare will be longer than the last call of duties. Obviously not much is there to say so, the producer did not give an exact time but. At least a certain replayability advanced warfare should have, because like in call of duty: black OPS 2 different upgrades and equipment can be selected for missions. This was the last part of the series,

Call of duty: Ghosts, not the case.

Players find out who’s telling the truth now, on 04 November 2014 – then call of duty appears: Advanced warfare for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, PlayStation 3. Visit for more information regarding the issue at hand. There you can find cheats and hacks for the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare compatible for all platforms.

It’s over five hours: according to a player already has a copy of call of duty: Advanced warfare has, to cope with the new first-person shooter by sledgehammer in about five hours. This would correspond to the recent statements by Studio co-founder Glen Schofield, who promised a longer playing time compared to its predecessors a few weeks ago.

Developers the development of call of duty sledgehammer harbored great promise: Advanced warfare. Many innovations in multiplayer mode and a more comprehensive single-player campaign also promised the developers in the past. Studio co-founder Glen Schofield stated a few weeks ago, the single-player story will be in call of duty: Advanced warfare longer than in earlier parts of the series of Activision. Recent rumors, based on a Twitter leak, however paint a different picture this proves that the majority of players that use cheats don’t get banned for doing so.

A player who apparently already got a copy of this year’s call of Dutys, speaks of a playing time of about five hours. This corresponds to about the average length of earlier series parts of developer Infinity Ward and Treyarch, which is responsible among other things for the modern warfare series as well as the black ops series. When the specified time is a fact, sledgehammers Schofield has netted apparently. More information about call of duty: Advanced warfare, which will be released on November 3, for PC, PS4 and Xbox one, can be found on our topic page.

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